Sourcing and installing the right timber for your garden room is a responsibility we take seriously. We offer British, Canadian and Siberian cladding, each with a unique set of characteristics to ensure your garden room has a look that is in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

Which cladding is right for you?


Siberian Larch is a durable, cost-effective timber ideally suited for cladding and applications. This slow growing softwood gives a high-density hard finish, perfect for external use. It is straw coloured in appearance, fading to a silvery tone over time, with occasional knots.


British Western Red Cedar is the ideal choice for those where either budget is a deciding factor or you value a locally grown low carbon footprint product. British Western Red Cedar cladding offers the same durability and ease of working as its Canadian counterpart, although does present a more rustic, knotty finish that is paler and more even in colour.


Canadian Western Red Cedar is slower grown than British Western Red Cedar resulting in a denser, darker wood with a more varied colour palette. It’s also renowned for offering a cladding that is completely clear and free of imperfections – i.e. zero knots and a tight, even grain.

Riverside Garden Rooms only works with timber suppliers that are FSC® Certified. Part of our due diligence is ensuring that we know the source of timber to ensure that is has been ethically sourced, using sustainable methods of extraction and paying a fair and just wage to all those in the supply chain. If you have any concerns over the sourcing of timber, or other materials used to design and build your garden room, please raise it with our team.

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